School Fundraising Made Easy

School Fundrasing made simpleBring the pink bag to school is a project organized by THE CLOTHING RECYCLING CENTER to help you raise funds for your school. We organise the clothing bin project that provides funding for schools and other non-profit organisations.

To enable us to do this work we lease bins sites for which we pay an annual rental.

For those schools that do not have space for a clothing bin we also offer the “Bring the Pink Bag to School Project”. This is an easy way to raise funds for the school with little work, and no storage is required. We will have our truck at a prearranged spot on the collection day. More Info ...

Our driver loads the bags donated straight into our vehicle. The collection is weighed and payment sent to your school within 7 days. It’s that simple. You can also arrange the collections to occur once a term or twice a year to provide an ongoing recycling scheme for your school community, and a steady income. Call or email your enquiry today.